Mr Ross McLachlan – Wist – Westminster international school in Tashkent

Mr Ross McLachlan

Ross has a flair for languages after studying French and German at school alongside English and Arabic in his adult life. He possesses a strong belief in lifelong education and understands diversity after dealing with people of all ages and backgrounds, including speakers of other languages and special needs. In the UK, Ross has worked with early years, primary, and secondary school children in faith schools, academies, and out of school clubs. In 2012, he graduated from DeMontfort University and independently established home school projects teaching Arabic, English, and Mathematics. Later, he gained a swimming qualification to compliment his own business in addition to work experience as a swimming instructor. In his free time, he dedicates his time and energy to the local communities wherever he is in the world and continues to organize a chain of fundraising events for childrens’ charities.


Masters in English Language Teaching (fulfils the criteria for a CELTA qualification), DeMontfort University, UK
Bachelor's, English Language & Education Studies, DeMontfort University UK